Weather on TNT

Weather on TNT is more than just an informational program or a standard weather forecast. It is a game-changer in everyday TV format production that broadcasts four times a day.

Weather forecast on TNT

since 2015 till today

project | everyday TV program

done |

host casting

creative concept

scipts for the commercial integration

daily production

project team |

creative director and general producer | Sergey Shanovich

producer | Marianna Salovskaya

assistant to producer | Olga Korshikova

director | Vladimir Bobrovskiy

anchorwomen | Alina Zasobina, Karina Guryeva, Tatiana Vysotskaya, Angelina Aisman

production | and TNT-Design for TNT channel

backstage host casting


Almost a year of hard work: castings, pilots, editing. And, as a result, TNT has new stars. Several hundred girls participated in the contest for the places of weatherwomen at TNT, but only several were selected. We looked not only for beautiful looks and artistic talent, but for strong charisma that was important for the channel. Our fantastic four are Alina, Karina, Tatiana, and Angelina!


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